JKA (Japan Karate Association) Karate Campsie is a non-profit organisation that produces some of the strongest and most skilful karate. Offering Karate classes for kids and adults in Campsie. Each student in this Karate club learns each technique and tradition in its original Japanese martial arts that was past on for decades.


Here at JKA Karate Campsie, we pride ourselves on our instructors qualified to deliver the highest quality classes. Make sure to check out our instructor profiles and be rest assured that our team value your goals!


JKA Karate for Kids is not only fun, it provides many important benefits to young people.

Our Karate Instructors assist our students patience, discipline, perseverance, understanding and open-mindedness of what Budo Karate is all about. It builds confidence, develops self-control and increases calmness, courtesy and peace. All of which will aid everyone in every endeavour they undertake in their everyday life.

JKA Karate Campsie

22 Duke Street, Campsie, NSW, 2194

Mobile: 0422235108

Email: jkacampsie@gmail.com

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